Engineering Technology

Showcase Highlights Undergraduate Engineering Research

Undergraduate researchers in the College of Engineering shared the knowledge and their research successes at the Showcase of Undergraduate Research in Engineering (SURE), held Nov. 6 at Discovery Park.

UNT Engineering Technology Faculty Member featured in Latina Style Magazine

Dr. Leticia Anaya, a Senior Lecturer of the Department of Engineering Technology, is featured on the Latina Style Magazine website in an article about "Latinas Making Their Mark in STEM Fields."

Researchers Receive Patent for a Method for Designing Complex, Mixed-signal Circuits

Two University of North Texas (UNT) engineering researchers have been awarded a second patent this year.

UNT Researchers Conduct Advanced Technologies in Construction Workshop in China

ETEC Chair Elected as Director of ASEE Engineering Technology Council for Four-Year ET Programs

Dr. Enrique Barbieri, chair of the Department of Engineering Technology (ETEC), has been elected to serve as a new Director of the Engineering Technology Council (ETC) for four-year Engineering Technology programs (2015-2017).

New Industrial Advisory Board Chair Announced

The University of North Texas’ College of Engineering is pleased to announce that Mr. Lee Palmer (UNT Bachelor of Science Industrial Technology ’90) will Chair and lead the College of Engineering’s Industrial Advisory Board (IAB) September 1, 2015 succeeding Etta Clark (UNT Bachelor of Science Computer Science ’81) of Pepsi Corporation. Mr. Palmer shared the following regarding this announcement: “I want to thank Etta Clark and all the past & present board members for a great job advancing the College of Engineering for the University of North Texas.

UNT’s entry in General Motors’ 1990 solar car race

In 1990 the University of North Texas was celebrating its 100th anniversary. In addition to exhibits, parades, and parties it was decided that the Industrial Technology Department (now the College of Engineering) would participate in the design and construction of a solar car. The car, named Centennial, took part is an eleven day race of solar cars sponsored by General Motors. The UNT team had the fewest team members, the least expensive car ($70,000), and went up against 32 other teams. For comparison, the University of Michigan team had an $800,000 car.

Construction Engineering Technology Student Receives Simpson Strong-Tie Scholarship

Nathan Derrick, a Construction Engineering Technology (CNET) undergraduate student and an Army veteran, has received a $2000 Simpson Strong Tie scholarship, a national competitive award.

Construction Engineering Technology Students Create Model Buildings for Energy Efficiency Research

Students in the Construction Engineering Technology (CNET) program at the University of North Texas (UNT) take an entry level set of courses that gives them hands-on experience in "real-world" building. For the past two semesters, students had the opportunity to work on two model buildings that will allow researchers to study energy efficiency in buildings.

Researchers Awarded Patent for Method to Innovate Mixed-signal Integrated Circuit Design

Two University of North Texas (UNT) engineering researchers and an alumnus were awarded a U.S. patent for their work to advance the design of mixed-signal integrated circuits, which are used in cell phones and other portable technologies. 

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