Alumni find love at College of Engineering

Britney Caldwell and Cory WhiteIt’s February, and at the College of Engineering, we’re used to sparks flying.

Meet Britney Caldwell (’11, Electrical Engineering) and Cory White (’09, Computer Science and Engineering), two College of Engineering alumni who found love while attending UNT. We decided to reach out to the two alums and ask them a few questions about how they wound up at UNT’s College of Engineering, how they met and what they’re up to now.

What brought each of you to UNT’s College of Engineering?

B: I did robotics in high school and several of the deans encouraged me to consider a degree in engineering at UNT. I loved the supportive staff and the electrical curriculum, so I applied.

C: I always had a passion for computers, and UNT was within my financial means while still having an impressive reputation for their computer science program.

Can you tell us a bit about how you both met?

C: I had seen Britney on the bus that ran from Discovery Park – then Research Park – and in our shared physics E&M class for several weeks before getting up the nerve to talk to her. I finally did; we had several study dates before we had a real date, and thankfully that was all it took to trap her forever. Mwahahahaha!

How long have you been together?

B: We have been together since 2008. We dated for 6 years before Cory proposed in 2014, and we got married in early 2015. We are coming up on our second wedding anniversary - putting us together for 9 years.

What are a few of your favorite things to do together?

B: We spend most of our spare time sailing, traveling abroad, or working on various projects like helping a friend install a solar array on her van!

What are you two up to now?

B: I work as a Project Engineer at an electrical subcontractor in the San Francisco Bay area.

C: And I work remotely as a Software Engineer at a MD-based multinational railway manufacturer creating web applications for train safety and passenger information systems.

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