UNT Mean Green Racing | Formula SAE

Since December 2012, a dedicated group of about 30 UNT students had been working long hours in the machine shop at Discovery Park to build a fast and efficient Formula SAE series race car from the ground up. For the first time, the team competed this year against about 80 other university chapters in a national Society for Automotive Engineers Formula SAE race held June 19-22 in Lincoln, Nebraska. According to Engineering Technology Department chair Enrique Barbieri, "Experts had warned us that it would be nearly impossible to build the SAE Formula car to the given specs in just one year, let alone try to compete. Our dedicated team of students not only beat those odds, but were among the 27 teams out of 80 who managed to complete every single event! They placed 31st overall, were invited to a dinner joining a few of the top teams, and received many congratulatory remarks by judges, companies, sponsors, and other teams.

To quote Matt Ellis, BSET-MEET (May 2013) and 2012-13 SAE President, 'This year has been an amazing experience and I know the organization will continue to prosper.  This organization and car will be something to attract students from all over to be a UNT engineering student.'” 

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