Graduate students
Our graduate students become experts in engineering technology and engineering systems through focused research in team-oriented environments that challenge them to think outside the box.

Graduate Overview

At the Department of Engineering Technology at the University of North Texas, we define “technology” as:

  1. any physical equipment, artifact, or hardware tool utilized in an engineering field (e.g., any device, instrument, machine, sensor/transducer/actuator, data acquisition/processing card, or materials);
  2. any software-based engineering simulation, analysis, or design tool; or
  3. any engineering design technique, process or algorithm described in a textbook, a patent, or any other scholarly or trade publication.

As such, our engineering technology (ET) graduate program is strongly based on advanced applications of technology to solve engineering problems. The degree plan also gives students opportunities to develop professional skills, such as project management and technical communication, that are coveted by industry.

In many circles, ET is described as hands-on or applied engineering. Therefore, a graduate education in ET is naturally engaging, translational and applied.

Degree Options

The Department of Engineering Technology is offering a Master of Science in Engineering Systems (MSES) to current students through the Summer 2014 semester. Effective Fall 2013, the program will be renamed Master of Science in Engineering Technology (MSET). This degree offers the following concentrations:

  • construction management
  • engineering management
  • electrical systems
  • mechanical systems

The department also offers a program track leading to dual degrees in Engineering Systems (MSES) and MBA in Operations and Supply Chain Management in collaboration with the College of Business.

Both degree plans develop a technical core and professional skills to equip students in advancing their engineering careers. The technical core prepares students to conduct research in engineering technology, which is led primarily by short- to medium-term industry needs. The professional skills that are developed in the program will help engineering technology graduates be highly marketable to engineering firms.

As a master’s candidate in either the Master of Science in Engineering Systems degree or the MSET/MBA dual degree, you can choose a thesis plan or a non-thesis plan.

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