Summer Materials Camp Gives Students Opportunities for Learning

This past summer, the UNT College of Engineering’s Department of Materials Science and Engineering (MTSE) held its third-annual Materials Summer Camp. The camp is held every summer for high school students at the College of Engineering’s Discovery Park facility. Students are given to the opportunity to tour the facilities that MTSE students have available, as well as participate in experiments focusing on various aspects of materials science. Some of the subjects students learned about this year included laser processing, showing how lasers are used in material synthesis, and polymer materials, learning about the various roles of polymers in people’s everyday lives.  “I was especially glad to see our campers to enjoy the [hands on] experiences and ask many questions,” said Dr. Jincheng Du, one of the faculty organizers of the camp.

The two-day event was held over July 11 and 12. It was sponsored by the MTSE department and the American Society of Materials (ASM), with help from the UNT chapter of Material Advantage, an organization makes its mission to educate about and improve awareness of materials science as a field. “Material Science is a field that has a lot to offer students,” said Douglas Kinkenon, president of the Chapter. “We are glad they got to learn about all the different fields it encompasses.” A gallery of photos taken at the event can be viewed here. More information about future available summer camps from the UNT College of Engineering will be made available on their website as it is available.


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