Electrical Engineering students are automatically granted with a minor in math. The rest of the students in the College of Engineering are not required to choose a minor. However, many students choose to pursue a minor for reasons such as personal interest and increasing marketability to employers.

The most common minors engineering students select are math, business, or technical writing. The requirements for a minor are listed below:

Minor in Math:

  • MATH 1710 (4 hours)
  • MATH 1720 (3 hours)
  • MATH 1780 or MATH 2700 (3 hours)
  • MATH 2730 or MATH 2770 (3 hours)
  • 6 advanced hours in MATH.

Minor in Business Foundations

General Track (for students who desire a broad grounding in business)

  • ACCT 2010
  • ACCT 2020
  • MKTG 3650
  • MGMT 3720 or 3820
  • FINA 3770
  • 3 advanced hours of business courses

MBA Preparation Track (for students considering pursuing an MBA)

  • ACCT 2010
  • ACCT 2020
  • Four courses chosen from the following: BCIS 3610, DSCI 3710, BLAW 3430, FINA 3770, MGMT 3830, MKTG 3650.

Minor in Technical Writing

  • Requires a total of 21 hours of ENGL courses.
  • Students must take 9 advanced hours in ENGL 4180, 4190, and 4250.

Important notes about minors

Classes used to meet minor requirements cannot count toward major requirements at the same time. This rule does not affect minors requiring UNT or College of Engineering core requirements such as math classes.

Example 1: Joe is a Construction Engineering Technology major who wants to minor in Business Foundations following the general track. Because ACCT 2010 is a major requirement for CNET majors, Joe cannot use ACCT 2010 for his Business Foundations minor.

Example 2: Angela is a Computer Engineering major who wants to minor in Math. Since all of Angela’s math courses are UNT or College of Engineering core requirements, she will be able to use those classes for her Math minor.

If you have questions about this rule, please contact an advisor.

UNT offers many other minors than those listed above. Please consult the University Catalog or talk to an advisor for more information.