Degree Audit

What is a degree audit?

  • An official degree plan from the university. 
  • All the courses and requirements you need to complete.  
  • All the courses and requirements you have completed.
  • Everything you have done that is being applied to your degree.

How do I get a degree audit?

      Step 1: Contact your faculty advisor from your department to make an appointment.

      Step 2: Bring catalog descriptions of any transfer courses to the appointment.

      Step 3: Your faculty advisor will complete a degree audit request form.

      Step 4: Your faculty advisor will send the request form to the advising office. It will be processed at this time.

      Step 5: A copy of your degree audit will be emailed to you at your EagleConnect address. The degree audit is also accessible to you via MyUNT (Student Center > My Academics > Run Audit > Go > View Audit > Open All Sections).

      Please note, it takes 4-6 weeks to receive your audit.

When should I get a degree audit?

 Once you have chosen your major and met the College of Engineering Admissions criteria.

Please note, you can't graduate unless you have requested a degree audit.

Still have more questions?

Contact your faculty advisor from your specific department


Computer Science

Computer Engineering

Information Technology

Faculty Advisors:

Dr. Ryan Garlick

David Keathly

Computer Science & Engineering Department

Discovery Park F201



Construction Engineering Tech 

Electrical Engineering Tech

Manufacturing Engineering Tech

Mechanical Engineering Tech

Faculty Advisor: 

Dr. Robert Hayes

Engineering Technology Department

Discovery Park F115

(940) 565-2022


Electrical Engineering

Faculty Advisor:

Dr. Gayatri Mehta

Electrical Engineering Department

Discovery Park B252

(940) 891-6872


Materials Science & Engineering

Faculty Advisor:

Dr. Peter Collins

Materials Science & Engineering Department

Discovery Park E132

(940) 565-3260


Mechanical & Energy Engineering

Faculty Advisors:

Dr. Xiaohua Li, Dr. Cherish Qualls

Mechanical & Energy Engineering Department

Discovery Park F101

(940) 565-2400