Noah Maze

BS in Electical Engineering, minor in Math
Software Developer

"I have nothing but the fondest memories for UNT!

The EE department was well-provided-for and staffed with a broad array of skilled engineers. The variety of subjects available to explore in the EE department typifies my UNT experience: UNT provides access to a universe of potential.

Of course, I also miss Denton's amazing music scene. The world renown jazz bands were always a pleasure to behold, but I also thoroughly enjoyed the local bands. As an Austinite, it is blasphemy for me to say this, but I like Denton's local music way better than Austin's! UNT's world-class music program fortifies the local bands with a level of musical fluency that is unrivaled by anywhere that I have ever lived.

I should probably also mention that I graduated from an Ivy League masters program after getting my bachelors from UNT--and I certainly owe that success to the resources provided by the Electrical Engineering department, and the fact that my professors were willing and able to take time out of their day to mentor undergrads with senior projects. "