Nicholas D. and Anna G. Ricco Ethics Scholarship Fund

This Nick and Anna Ricco Ethics Scholarship Fund has been created to promote intellectual debate and discussion on ethics as related to the applicant’s focus of study at the University of North Texas.  It is intended to stimulate the applicants to new heights of reasoning and self-discipline.  The ultimate result will be a higher level of ethical understanding in one’s area of study and daily life.  By applying for this scholarship, students will recognize and better comprehend the need for a higher understanding of ethics in their personal and professional lives.

Each applicant must submit a narrative of no more than two pages, single spaced highlighting what the student believes to be the epitome of ethical behavior in the field of engineering or technology.  Notable research is encouraged to support an applicant’s views. The cover page of the narrative should include the following information: name, major, classification (freshman, sophomore, junior, senior), and contact email and phone number.

Narratives will be reviewed by an academic panel comprising three faculty members from the college (2 faculty responsible for teaching engineering ethics courses in the college; and another faculty or staff member to be appointed by the Associate Dean for Undergraduate Studies). The narratives will be evaluated for clarity and inherent perceived value.  The academic panel will select the top three outlines submitted from the College of Engineering.  These top applicants will be asked to orally present their outlines to a panel of students who will select the recipients of the award in each discipline.  Recipients of the award will be named during an appropriate event by the college.

A maximum of one award will be made to each college in the amount of $1000, per year.


College Deadline: The narratives are due in the Associate Dean’s office by 2015. Please email Landon Ellison.