New Eco-Efficiency Assessment Tool to Support the Development of Next Generation Sustainable Products and Processes

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03/10/2017 - 3:30pm
Dr. David A. Guerra-Zubiaga
Discovery Park F116 (ETEC Conference Room)
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Engineering Technology

Energy, Water, and Material (EWM) consumption are important sustainability metrics as new paradigms to support the next generation of sustainable products and processes. According to global trends, significant efforts are being made by the industrial sector related to resource-efficient and technologies that are focused on the dramatic reduction of EWM utilization to get Factory of the Future. In alignment of this effort, important organizations are exploring research aspects such as: New design-for-X methods, Smart Manufacturing Systems Design and Analysis, Digital Manufacturing and Design Innovation Tools, and New technologies and life cycle management for reconfigurable and reusable customized products. The present research explores EWM metrics to readily evaluate the sustainability of new products and processes using advanced digital tools to assess, model and optimize the sustainable outcomes at various phases of product lifecycles. Today’s manufacturing industry still lacks the ability to digitally represent the EWM usage on the development of new products and processes measuring sustainability of eco-factories.

The objective of this seminar is to motivate the creation of an Eco-Efficiency Assessment Tool (E2AT) for the development of new sustainable products and processes using the EWM efficiency metrics for diagnosis. The tool is projected to be used in a Manufacturing Facility at component, station, cell, shop, factory and enterprise levels. Research methods will explore advanced digital tools to manage the EWM efficiency metrics and to support the new paradigms related to the efficiency for development of eco-factories. Outcomes of this research will attract considerable industrial interest because it focuses on saving EWM costs while increasing productivity by implementing novel technologies that will allow the next generation sustainable products and processes to operate with precision, efficiency, reliability and repeatability.


Dr. David Guerra has 25 years of experience in New Technology Introduction focus on Product Design and Manufacturing Engineering. He obtained a PhD degree in Manufacturing Engineering from Loughborough University, England in 2004. He is Mechanical Engineer (1989) with two master degrees from Tecnologico de Monterrey, Campus Monterrey in Mexico, major in Manufacturing Systems in 1996, and major in Mechanical Engineering Design in 1992. He has led important international industrial projects with 14.2 million USD, as total research income gained. Last April 2014, he obtained $325 Million In-Kind Software Grant from Siemens PLM Software. He published 2 patents, 1 book, 60 international papers; and he directed 21 postgraduate theses. Dr. Guerra is a recognized researcher from SNI - CONACYT, Mexico and he is since 2011 the Associate Editor (North America) for the International Journal of Computer Integrated Manufacturing.

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