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Yong Tao

Yong Tao

PACCAR Professor of Engineering

Director of PACCAR Technology Institute

Office : F101A

Phone: 940-565-2400

Fax: 940-369-8675

Email :

Dr. Yong Tao, Chair of the Department of Mechanical and Energy engineering at UNT and the PACCAR Professor of Engineering, spearheaded the design and creation of the lab. Previously, Dr. Tao oversaw a similar project in Florida International University, where he served as an Associate Dean of their College of Engineering and Computing.  Dr. Tao also served as the director of the American House project, an initiative that brought together academics, builders, industry sponsors and lobbyists to create a 3,200 square-foot Net Zero-Energy House. The house was built in Beijing and displayed during the 2008 Olympic Games.

Post-Doctoral Researchers

Junghyon Mun, Ph.D.

Department of Mechanical and Energy Engineering


Office: 940-369-5104


Guest Post-Doctoral Researchers

Tingzhen Ming,Ph.D.

Department of Mechanical and Energy Engineering

Phone: 940-369-8950




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  • Jason Yu


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