Dr. Nandika D’Souza

Associate Chair for Research and Graduate Affairs

Graduate Advisor


Research interests

Dr. D’Souza is interested in interactions and properties of heterogeneous materials, blends, alloys, composites and nanocomposites. Her teaching and research primarily focus on mechanical properties, fracture, transport phenomena, viscoeleasticity, rheology and polymer characterization.

Brief professional biography

Dr. D’Souza received a B.E. in polymer engineering from the University of Pune, a M.S. in materials engineering from Auburn University and a Ph.D. in mechanical engineering from Texas A&M University.

Awards and recognition

She was awarded the 2008 UNT College of Engineering Research Award, 2003 NASA Faculty Fellowship Program, 2000-2002 UNT Developing Scholar Award, 1998 UNT Outstanding Service on Behalf of National Medal Winners and the 1994 Vinyl Division Thesis Award from the International Society of Plastics Engineers.

Lab and group associations

Dr. D’Souza is a member of the Society of Plastics Engineers, Society of Women Engineers, UNT Renewable Bioproducts Cluster and UNT Renewable Energy and Conservation Cluster.


She reviews papers for a number of industry journals, as well as dissertations. She has also published more than 40 journal book chapters and journal articles and has made over 130 presentations.