Undergraduate Minor

The materials science and engineering minor at UNT requires a total of 18 semester credit hours.  Also see the UNT Undergraduate Catalog for more information.


  • ENGR 3450 - Engineering Materials
  • Plus 15 hours of materials science and engineering courses, at least 6 of which should be chosen from the four core courses (below)

Core courses

  • MTSE 3010 - Bonding and Structure
  • MTSE 3030 - Thermodynamics and Phase Diagrams. 3 hours
  • MTSE 3050 - Mechanical Properties of Materials
  • MTSE 3070 - Electrical, Optical and Magnetic Properties of Materials

The remaining hours can be from any other 3000- or 4000-level materials science engineering courses.

Note: The prerequisite of MFET 2100 for ENGR 3450 is waived for students registering for a minor in materials science and engineering; however, the other prerequisites for ENGR 3450 (CHEM 1410/CHEM 1430, MATH 1710 and PHYS 1710) must be completed by students registering for the minor in materials sciences and engineering.