Global Engine Optimization Using Modern Computational and Analytical Tools

Date & TIme: 
03/08/2017 - 2:30pm - 3:30pm
Dr. Joseph (Joe) Majdalani
Auburn University
Discovery Park D206B
Host Department: 
Mechanical and Energy Engineering

This talk will focus on the effective use of computational tools hand-in-hand with advanced mathematical concepts to enhance the performance and stability of several propulsive engines. These include the Vortex Injection Hybrid Rocket Engine (VIHRE), the self-cooled Vortex Combustion Cold Wall Chamber (VCCWC), the Vortex-Swept Hybrid Rocket Engine, the Quadrupole Vortex Engine (QpV), the Liquid Detonation Pulse Engine (LDPE), the Vision Engine, etc. Our discussion will extend to the modeling of combustion instabilities and high-speed compressible motions as well as atmospheric flows, such as tornadoes and hurricanes. Special emphasis will be placed on modeling the Vortex Engine, an internally-cooled and swirl-stabilized liquid rocket engine that incorporates the fundamental features of a cyclone. This so-called bidirectional vortex concept was first implemented in cyclone separators and later applied to hybrid and liquid thrust chambers that were funded by AFOSR, ARMY, NASA, NSF and ORBITEC.
Several recent breakthroughs in describing the observed helical behavior will be overviewed, and these include new classes of complex-lamellar and Beltramian motions for vortex engine flowfields. The talk will conclude with recent stability analyses that can accurately predict vorticoacoustic waveforms in a given combustor. These will confirm the role of swirl as a stabilizing flow agent in the context of the VCCWC.


Dr. Majdalani presently serves as Professor and Francis Chair of Aerospace Engineering at Auburn University. He has had a very distinguished career in academia that includes serving as Department Chair of Aerospace Engineering at Auburn University and Arnold Chair of Excellence in Advanced Propulsion at the University of Tennessee Space Institute. He has published over 260 research articles and received over twenty-five teaching, research and service awards in the fields of aerospace engineering and rocket propulsion. Dr. Majdalani is known for his work on acoustic instability theory, performance-based optimization, and vortex-driven technologies encompassing solid, liquid and hybrid rocket engine applications. He is presently a Fellow of ASME, Chair of the AIAA Hybrid Rockets Technical Committee (2015-2017), Chair of the Solid Rockets Technical Committee (2017-2019), Associate Editor of the International Journal of Energetic Materials and Chemical Propulsion, and AIAA Short Course Instructor.

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