Fall 2014 Scholarship

The College of Engineering will award its Fall 2014 Scholarship, funded by the engineering fee to students who meet the following criteria:

1)      Should be an engineering major

2)      Should be in good standing

3)      Should have completed at least 15 SCH

4)      Should have a GPA >= 3.5

5)      Should be a registered student in Fall 2014

6)      Should not have received any other scholarship from the College of Engineering

For those students who meet the criteria, no application is necessary as they already are under consideration for the scholarship and will be contacted by email. Selected students will receive half the scholarship amount in Fall 2014 and the remainder in the spring semester. In order for you to receive the amount in spring, you will need to register for spring classes at UNT College of Engineering and should have a GPA of 3.5 or higher.