Yan Wan

Associate Professor

I am interested in dynamical network design and control motivated by wide applications in biology, air traffic flow management, sensor networking, etc. Please feel free to email me if you have questions, comments, or suggestions.


From microbiological networks to ecological systems, from traffic networks to engineered unmanned robot teams, network structures are ubiquitous and greatly impact our daily lives. In many network applications, we are confronted with the need to shape network dynamics in certain ways, e.g., to trigger/shut off the production of certain chemical/genetic compounds by targeting drugs to regulatory networks, to reduce the total delay in national air space through smartly coordinating traffic flows. We call these tasks "Network Control" tasks. My research is concerned with providing solutions/tools to these various network control tasks.

Brief Bio

Dr. Yan Wan is currently an Associate Professor with Electrical Engineering, University of North Texas. Her research interests lie in developing foundational theories for the modeling, evaluation, and control tasks for large-scale network systems and cyber-physical systems. Her research has been funded by a number of grants from National Science Foundation, National Institute of Science and Technology, the MITRE Corporation as subcontracts from Federal Aviation Administration, and the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers. Dr. Wan's research has led to successful technology transfer outcomes and over 100 publications. Her contributions to the field of air traffic management, airborne networking, and general cyber-physical systems have been reconigzed by several prestigious awards, including the National Sicence Foundation Early Career Development Award, RTCA William E. Jackson Award, U.S. Ignite and GENI demonstration awards, the IEEE WCNC Best Paper award, UNT Early Career Award for Research and Creativity, and Tech Titan of the Future – University Level award from Metroplex Technology Business Council. 

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