Biomedical Engineering

The College of Engineering at UNT offers a unique undergraduate program in Biomedical Engineering that allows a student of the program to major in Biomedical Engineering, minor in mathematics and minor in an additional area of engineering. Thus, a student graduating from the 120 SCH program will be well rounded and have the engineering skills and expertise to work in industry, hospitals, or research institutions or to become a motivated entrepreneur.

We are accepting freshmen only and no transfers at this time.

Areas of Interest

Students interested in pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Biomedical Engineering will be able to choose from one of the following five tracks:

  • Bioinformatics
  • Biomaterials
  • Biomedical Instrumentation
  • Biomechanics
  • Biotechnology (Pre-Medical)


All Biomedical Students will automatically be awarded a minor in mathematics upon completion of their degree. Additional engineering minors may be pursued through selecting electives from Electrical Engineering, Mechanical and Energy Engineering, Material Science Engineering, and Computer Sciences and Engineering.

Associated Faculty

The College of Engineering at the University of North Texas has several faculty members currently employed who have a background in Biomedical Engineering,    including the Associate Dean for Undergraduate Studies, Dr. Vijay Vaidyanathan.  Additionally partnerships for research are being developed with the UNT Health Sciences Center in Fort Worth. Students will have an opportunity to learn from experienced faculty members who will prepare them to be successful candidates in the field of Biomedical Engineering.

Associated facilities include the Center for Network Neuroscience.

Degree Course Plan

Admission to the Program

We are accepting freshmen only and no transfers at this time.

The priority deadline for the University of North Texas is March 1. Students must apply to the university and once they have been admitted their application is forwarded to the College of Engineering for review. The College of Engineering is now accepting first time in college freshmen. Transfer students will be admitted in 2016.