Dr. Vijay Vaidyanathan

Associate dean for undergraduate studies




Discovery Park A160

Dr. Vijay Vaidyanathan is Associate Dean of Engineering for Undergraduate Studies at the University of North Texas. He is passionate about undergraduate education and as a faculty member and former program coordinator, he introduced many innovations in his courses in the classroom and the laboratory. His experiences in industry have allowed him to bring that dimension into the classroom and impress upon students the right attitudes, attributes and technical skills that are required in today’s competitive job market. He strongly believes that a faculty member’s efforts do not end at the classroom. Dr. Vaidyanathan understands the importance of undergraduate education and the need to provide an engineering education that is practical, resourceful and thus attracts students from the U.S. and abroad. It is important to remind the students about the pre-eminent role played by this country in originating most of today’s high technology and their responsibility in bringing back the glory days of technical innovation and entrepreneurship.

Dr. Vaidyanathan earned his M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in Biomedical Engineering from Texas A&M University in College Station, Texas. He earned his Bachelor’s degrees in Physics and Electronics Engineering Technology from University of Mumbai, India. Dr. Vaidyanathan has joint appointment in the departments of Engineering Technology and Electrical Engineering.  Dr. Vaidyanathan’s research interests include bioengineering system design – monitoring biodegradation, instrumentation design for structural health monitoring and biomedical optics for diagnostic and therapeutic applications. He has obtained funding on research and education grants from federal and state agencies, industry, and national organizations.  As a faculty member, Dr. Vaidyanathan has involved undergraduate students in his research projects in addition to supervising numerous capstone projects. He has encouraged many students to go onto graduate degrees after completion of their undergraduate degrees. He has published papers in refereed journals with undergraduate students as co-authors and has helped them land internships and jobs.

Selected Publications involving undergraduate students:

  1.  Vijay Vaidyanathan, Robert Wiggs, Josh Stohl, and Mehul Baxi, “ALA-induced fluorescence in the canine oral cavity – spontaneous animal model,” Photomedicine and Laser Surgery, Vol. 24, No. 3: 383-388, June 2006.

  2. Vijay Vaidyanathan, Murali Varanasi, Elias Kougianos, Shuping Wang and Hari Raman (High School Student), “RFID Student Educational Experiences at the UNT College of Engineering: A Sequential Approach to Creating a Project-Based RFID Curriculum,” IEEE Transactions on Education, vol. 52, 3, pp 404-412, August 2009.

  3. Vijay Vaidyanathan, Edward Chaney, Lee Self, and Lonnie Langle, “RFID based vehicle entry system with biometrics,” Computers in Education Journal, VOL. XVIII, No. 1,pp. 52- 62, January-March 2008.

  4. Christian Winter, Nergis Soylemez, Jehil Trivedi, Mark Pickens, Conrad Craig, and Vijay Vaidyanathan: Design of a sensor based smart sprinkler system –International Journal of Modern Engineering (IJME) Volume7, #1, Fall 2006.

  5. Christopher Borne, Vijay Vaidyanathan, Yuan Chen Hsiao, Palen Chin and Alex Lin: Design of a Digital Steering Control System: An Effective Merger of Graduate Thesis with Senior Design, Proceedings of SAME-TEC Conference, Grapevine, 2007.