Transfer Students

Step One:

NCTC, CCCCD, TCC, or DCCCD students: please consult our transfer guides to find out what courses you can take at your community college that will apply toward UNT degree requirements.

The university will send you a list of all the credit you have transferred when you are admitted.

Step Two:

After you are admitted, you will be required to attend orientation. Please visit the Office of New Student and Mentoring Programs to register for an orientation after you receive your acceptance letter and admissions packet.

International students should also contact the Office of International Studies to schedule an international student orientation. Sign up for the earliest orientation possible to make sure all courses are still available.

Step Three:

You will meet with an advisor at orientation for a preliminary evaluation of your transfer credits and how they will apply to your degree program at UNT.

It is important for students who have any kind of transfer or AP, CLEP, IB, or military credit to bring their transcripts or copies of their test scores to orientation. It takes a month or more for transcripts and test scores to be entered into the system. Students who do not bring these materials with them will be asked to get them from the admissions office before they meet with an advisor at orientation.

Orientation Checklist

Advisors will provide students with a unique four-digit advising clearance code at orientation to allow students to register through MyUNT. Every student has a different code, and students will not receive their code if they do not complete orientation.

Step Four:

Meet with a faculty advisor for an audit during your first semester at UNT. The audit will be the official university document that outlines how all of your credits apply to your degree program.

Not all credit that transfers to UNT will apply to your degree program, but many courses will. Please meet with your advisor if you have any questions.

All new students are strongly encouraged to complete all College of Engineering core requirements before taking major-related courses.

Always meet with your advisor before registering for courses at other institutions to make sure the credits will apply toward your degree requirements.

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